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Giorgio Koukl has written music for orchestra, chamber ensemble, solo instruments, solo voice, and chorus. Many of these can be heard on compact disc or online as MP3 audio.   His published compositions are available from Lux Nova Press.
  • Pandoras - ballet, scored for orchestra.

  • Te Deum - for soli, choir and orchestra. (also version for soli , choir, organ and small string orchestra.)
  • Contest Piece - for clarinet and orchestra
  • Dream - (spot RTSI) generic TV music
  • Ceremony after a fire raid - for voice and orchestra. Poetry by Dylan Thomas.
  • Ideogrammi for orchestra.
  • Contravariations - for contrabassoon and string orchestra.  
  • Diamond Head - concerto for piano (left hand) and orchestra.
  • Tre canti disperati - for soprano and orchestra. Poetry by S. Albertoni.

  • Imaginor for 2 pianoforte (Prize Vercelli).
  • The Messenger for piano solo. [CD]
  • Four pieces for piano [CD]
  • Contest Piece - for clarinet and pianoforte. [CD]
  • Fantasia - for 2 pianos. [CD]
  • Contest Trio - for violin, violoncello and pianoforte. [CD]
  • Five Miniatures for harpsichord (Prize Alienor-Washington). [CD]
  • Fylgjur for flute solo. [CD]
  • Divertimento for wind quintet. [CD]
  • Narcisse for string quartet. [CD]
  • Maschera - for saxophone.
  • Zappabis for cello and piano.
  • Tango de la muerte - for accordion and pianoforte (also with string orchestra).
  • Piccola Rapsodia (Little Rhapsody) - for flute (recorder) and harp. [CD]
  • Trioplay for oboe, clarinet and bassoon. [CD]
  • Ritournelles for oboe and bassoon. [CD]
  • Musica for pianoforte and string quartet. [CD]
  • Potato Polca for contrabassoon and piano.
  • SEMA - a dance for Mevlana - for flute and clarinet.
  • Variations over "Hospodine" - for organ solo.

  • Two Christmas songs (male and mixed choir - basque traditional carols).
  • Three Ucrainian Songs for children`s choir and easy percussion.
  • "Glory be..." for mixed church choir.
  • "La dulzura del angelus" (Prize Ibague-Colombia).
  • Liturgy of S. John Chrysostomos (mixed choir with two solo voices). [CD]
  • "Entonad" for mixed choir.
  • "Tardes de lluvia" - for female choir.
  • "Niponari" - for alto, keyboards and percussions. [CD]
  • "Ceremony after a fire raid" - for soprano and pianforte. (Poetry of Dylan Thomas) [CD]
  • Tre canti disperati (3 songs of desperation) - for soprano and pianoforte. (Poetry of S. Albertoni) [CD]

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